Sunday School Report

January 2020

 ​The new curriculum is working out well. There are not as many activities to cram into each session, so I feel like we are able to complete each lesson. I am still balancing the time, so some weeks we have extra time to fill at the end of class. The children are enjoying the activities in these lessons, such as Mad Libs and charades.

Our yearly Valentines card exchange is approaching. The children make cards to give to the adults, and the adults fill out a card for each child with special messages. I am looking at February 9 for the Valentines event. That would give us February 16 as the back up date (in case of snow.)

Easter plans are beginning to form. Aamber and I will be downstairs with the children during service to share the Easter story and enjoy some crafts. We will also have an Easter egg hunt after service. I will put a line in the bulletin asking for volunteers to fill eggs for the hunt.

Tracy Trusty-Neveu

Youth Leader

Our Schedule

The Sunday School meets the first three Sundays of every month during the school year for ages 4 and up.

The fourth Sunday the children attended worship service.

On any fifth Sunday the children will attend a special event during worship service.
Our nursery program is available every week.  Moms take turns playing with the little ones while enjoying our church service.

Sunday School