The movie presented below is an excellent reproduction of the Gospel of John.  I viewed the movie, myself, while following along with an ESV Bible.  (The movie is based on the Good News Bible Translation of the American Bible Society.)  Regardless on the Bible version the movie is based on, I was nevertheless impressed how true the movie was to John's Gospel, and I was most impressed how the producers of the movie were able to bring alive in a visual manner the amazing story of Jesus and His message of the kingdom of God.  What struck me the hardest was actually hearing a man speak as Jesus did.  Perhaps it was just the mood I was in, or perhaps, it was something apart from me, but whatever it was, viewing and hearing what John reported Jesus said and did struck me in a very real way.  I got a sense of how the people of Jesus' day would have been utterly dumbfounded by the audacity of Jesus to so blatantly and assuredly say and claim what he did about himself - and he a person many had known since childhood.  It is not realistic to expect any rational person to believe that Jesus' message would have been received with any credible acceptance.  His message was just too absurd to be believed!  Here he was, a man many had known all their lives, claiming to be the actual God of Genesis, Exodus and the entire Torah.  Here he was saying he had been with God since the beginning of time and that he KNEW God, was one with Him and had been "sent" by God to reveal God to Israel.  Moreover, that if they (Israel) did not love and accept him, Jesus, then they (Israel) did not love or accept God.  I think such is impossible to accept if the man making these claims is reasonably seen as simply the boy next door.  But yet, many in Jesus' day, did just that!

One of my favorite scenes is the dialog between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well.  The entire scene captures the humanity of Jesus and of the Samaritan woman.  Not only that, but the scene also captures a little known aspect of the exchange at the well.   Jesus speaks to the woman in riddles, she responds plainly, and with unexpected clarity and understanding.  Take special note of the well scene.  See if you, too, catch Jesus' meanings in the things he says to the woman.  But a word of advice; to understand his comments and the woman's responses, one must understand what a Samaritan is!  Knowing that is a vital key in understanding the whole meaning and purpose of the scene of Jesus' interaction with the Samaritans. 

To concluded, and to be true, except for Jesus being a little too good looking (as he was not - see Isaiah 53:2) and the Pharisees and Sadducees being a little too ugly, the entire movie is remarkably well done.  I hope it will speak to you as it so deeply spoke to me.


Mark Johnson‚Äč

The following video goes a long way to educate one to the "real" Paul and differences between the original, early Church and the Church of just a few hundred years later -- and right up to the present day.  The presentation is an interesting one if not perhaps controversial in many ways. But, however one might accept or reject what is presented in the video, the information provided is something that deserves honest consideration. 

Mark Johnson

The following is not exactly a "movie" but it is an audio production of the famous rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar -- and in its entirety!

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