The movie presented below is an excellent reproduction of the Gospel of John.  I viewed the movie, myself, while following along in the Scripture version it is take from, the Good News Bible. I found this movie to be true to the words of Scripture and a remarkable presentation that brings to life (at least to some degree) the words and events that took place in Judea nearly 2000 years ago. I highly recommend watching this presentation.

The following video goes a long way to educate one to the "real" Paul and differences between the original, early Church and the Church of just a few hundred years later -- and right up to the present day.  The presentation is an interesting one if not perhaps controversial in many ways. But, however one might accept or reject what is presented in the video, the information provided is something that deserves honest consideration. 

The following video is a remarkable reading of the Gospel of John read by Sir David Suchet. Everyone is sincerely encouraged to view and diligently listen to this video. A man with a remarkable voice presents us with a remarkable story.  Again, all are encouraged to view this presentation.

The following is not exactly a "movie" but it is an audio production of the famous rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar -- and in its entirety!

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The movie presented below is a curious and thought provoking presentation with an unorthodox view of the Roman Emperor, Constantine, and the so-called conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity.  I am certain that this presentation will rub some the wrong way; and for other's it will prove enlightening indeed. Whichever side one might find themselves on in this matter, I am equally confident the information presented in the movie, will not be found uninteresting.