​The Lynchpin Commandment!

So, you know the Ten Commandments, right? But do you know which commandment is the lynchpin of them all? Do you know the one commandment that ties together all the other nine, and without its presence and position in the lineup, there exists a void and separation between the remaining nine other commandments?

If you would like to learn what that all important lynchpin commandment is, just...​

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Song of Moses 

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

​​​​​​​​​​​​Thoughts From our Pastor

Rev. David E. Svenson

June 26, 2019

This coming Sunday will be my last Sunday with you as interim pastor.  It has been a joy to have been in ministry with you for both Linda and me.

I wish to commend you for the wonderful spirit that exists within the congregation, a spirit of openness and  welcome, of love and of caring within the community of faith and beyond.  On Children’s Sunday we sang “They will know we are Christians by our love.” That is what the church is all about.  Jesus said, “A new commandment I give you, that you love one another as I have loved you.”  To quote myself, the church is about relationships, relationship with Jesus Christ and relationships with one another. You evidence your faith in your relationships with one another and it is a good and powerful witness to the Spirit’s presence in your midst.  North Salem United Methodist Church enters into a new phase in its life with the change of pastors.  The Reverend James Mentzer will provide you with excellent pastoral leadership and care.  I know that you will welcome him as you did me and pray with and for him.

It was Bob Hope (some of us older folks remember who he was) who popularized the song “Thanks for the Memories.”  And so I say to you “Thanks for the memories.”  It has been wonderful to be in ministry with you.  May God’s blessings continue to be with you.

Grace and peace,

​​​​It's not a secret...

...but do you know about God's Week, God's seven day/seven thousand year Week?  Consider what Peter wrote in his letter: 2 Peter, Chapter 3:3-4,8-9

"...scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires. They will say, 'Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.' "

And more:

"But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness..."

To read a series of essays on this fundamental and important doctrine of God's biblical 7000 year plan for mankind...​

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​The ​North Salem United Methodist Church

"View From The Pew" is here for you!  With this spot you, the user of this site, may write in to have posted a spiritual, social or biblical thought, an observation or an idea on just about any topic at all. The intent of this is to give voice to our membership - you.  Here it is hoped you will be encouraged to share your thoughts, feelings and/or understandings with us, your brethren.  An exchange of ideas and an understanding of the thoughts and views of others will undoubtedly edify and strengthen our church community.

To submit your thoughts, ideas or comments for publication in the "View From the Pew", fill out the from located on our "Contact Us"  page and then click "SUBMIT". (Pasting a message from a word processor is very convenient.) In a day or two your message will appear here on our Home Page following Pastor Moore's Weekly Devotional, "Thoughts From Our Pastor".​

Home Visitation and Communion!

A new ministry has begun at the NSUMC. Two of our sisters-in-Christ, Judy Whitney and Bev Trusty, have embarked on a mission to bring fellowship and Communion to those home-bound; unable to venture out to take an active role in the everyday or week-to-week life of the Church.

Bev and Judy desire to visit with anyone so home-bound who wishes an opportunity to share in fellowship and/or in Holy Communion in the spirit of love and friendship.

Judy and Bev have received the blessing of the NSUMC and of our Pastor, Rev. David Svenson, in this ministry. And, they have been equipped with the Elements of Communion and in the understanding of Communion Offering.

If any, inside or outside of the NSUMC, would wish a home visitation with an opportunity, if desired, to share in Communion, Judy or Bev may be reached  via this website, church phone at:


or by church email at:                                            umc@northsalemumc.org.

If preferred, Judy or  Bev, themselves, may be contacted directly at:

Judy: 603-893-1238  bellamissy@comcast.net.

Bev: 603 661-3083


May God bless Bev and Judy in a mighty way as they minister to those in need and desire of home visitation!

A Bit of NSUMC History?!

We have recently come across some interesting history of the North Salem United Methodist Church.  To check out some milestone dates and a list of past and present pastors...

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A New NSUMC Ministry!

That's right! We have a new ministry at the NSUMC. Due to the kindness, obedience and generosity of the North Salem United Methodist Church Council there now exists a Benevolence Ministry that has been blessed and charged with lending a helping hand to those in our community and to those of our fellowship here at the NSUMC when things might take an unexpected, unfortunate turn.

The mission of this ministry to provide assistance, as we might be able and as funds are available, to any who find themselves with an urgent need on an immediate, short-term basis and/or until bigger and more established charities can brought in to provide aid should a situation prove to be long term.

Of course, such a ministry is only as effective as the resources at its disposal. So with that, available funds are always an ongoing concern. That is where YOU can help make a difference in this new ministry at the NSUMC. Please consider making a donation from time to time to the NSUMC Benevolence Fund. A dollar here and a dollar there might be enough to help someone where there is no other immediate help available.

To make a donation of any amount to the Benevolence Fund, please see the NSUMC Lay Leader, Mark Johnson, the NSUMC Finance Secrectary, Noreen Nadeau, or drop an envelope into the collection basket with the words: "Benevolence Fund" written across it so our counters know where to direct it.

Please consider helping this new NSUMC ministry and let us all take part in fulfilling the directive of our Lord Jesus when He said:

 "Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it (a kindness) to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’' (Matthew 25:40)

Sunday Sermon June 16, 2019​  

A Wholly Methodist
Seventh Day Worship Service!

Yep! That's right!. Every Saturday afternoon (the 7th day of the week) a Sabbath worship service is conducted in the Hope House of the Pleasant Street United Methodist Church located at 6 Pleasant Street right here in Salem.

This Sabbath worship service is open to all wishing to commemorate God's own Holy Day. And, to remember His Fourth Commandment that, like the other nine, was etched in stone as an "eternal" remembrance. So, let us so “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy." 

(Ex. 20:8 NIV)

Please consider joining in Sabbath Day worship with other Methodist at the Hope House at 3:00 p.m. every Saturday afternoon. And, with that being said:

See you there?!

View From The Pew​

March 10, 2019

Submitted by:

Mark Johnson

Lay Leader NSUMC

Below is a link to a presentation given about 10 years ago by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. It concerns a subject matter that all disciples of Christ should be keenly aware of: The Restoration of the Nation of Israel.

The Restoration of Israel is no small or incidental matter. It is a fulfillment of ancient prophecies, and it is a pivotal event in God's plan and dealings with humankind. What has transpired in the restoration of Israel is unprecedented in human history, and it is THE singular most dramatic signpost of the end to this age and the return of Christ.

Within the study of Eschatology (the biblical study of "End Times") there is wide and confusing misunderstandings of the what, when and wherefore of the many prophecies concerning the "End of the Age and Christ's Return".  In contrast, it should be understood that nearly all of the events written in the Old Testament (the Torah and the prophets) about Christ's first appearing were unrecognized until after the fact of their happening. In other words, it wasn't until after Christ was born, fulfilled his mission, and physically left this planet that his disciples even began to realize what and just how much prophecy Jesus fulfilled. It's just a fact: prophecy is best, and sometimes only, understood after its fulfillment -- not before! 

Today there is no small number of people with their books, TV shows and tours to explain and tell in detail just how the "End Times" will play out -- who will be who, what will be what and just how the end of the age will manifest itself.  Rest assured, by far most, if not all, that is being touted today about the end of this age and Jesus' return for his church is simple obfuscation of what will really happen.  True, we can know in part, but only in part. In no way can we know in detail the fulfillment of prophecy BEFORE it happens. Prophecy can only be realized in detail during or after its happening. Which speaks to the matter at hand, the restoration of a long dead nation -- Israel!

In Matthew 24 Jesus tells his rather bewildered and clueless disciples what would befall Israel within a generation of his telling. Jesus told them the temple would be utterly destroyed with not one stone standing upon another -- and so it was, within 40 years. (BTW, it is becoming ever more evident that what is today called the Western Wall (or Wailing Wall) of the ancient temple in Jerusalem, is in fact, not the foundation of the temple, but the foundation of a Roman fort named, Antonia, that was adjacent to the temple, with the temple actually being located 600 feet south of the remaining fort foundation. (See here for one explanation of that assertion). So, it may appear the temple was in fact left without one stone upon another.) Jesus also warned his disciples that at the same time of the temple being destroyed, Israel would experience a Great Tribulation the likes of which had never been experienced nor would ever be repeated. Moreover, during this Great Tribulation the nation of Israel would be scattered thoughout the world to suffer wandering homelessness, isolation and persecutions. Jesus said all this with an added and hopeful declaration: unless that time of exile was shortened, all the people (the Jews) would perish. This great persecution of Israel, this Great Tribulation, continued for nearly 1,877 years during which the people of Israel, the Jews, wandered the planet without a home, nation or government of their own. In that time they were persecuted wherever they tried to settle, driven out of one nation after another. An entire people was forced into ghettos, their land and/or possessions confiscated at will and they murdered without defense. Then finally, in the mid-Twentieth Century, after the murder of 6 million Jews in a mere 10 years, but before they were completely exterminated, the Great Tribulation ended. In November 1947 their homeland was returned to them, and they returned to that land, to the land of their origin -- Israel.  They were returned to the very land God said He would one day return them to.

As mentioned above, attempting to predict or reveal prophecy before it is fulfilled is tricky business, usually resulting in getting it wrong, terribly wrong mostly (just ask Hal Lindsey and ‎Tim LaHaye). However, looking back on prophecy after the fact of the predicted event can result in some very interesting and useful knowledge. So, once again, Jonathan Cahn in the video linked below speaks to the matter of Israel's return to its homeland after the fact. It's a fascinating story. I hope the story will speak to every viewer as it spoke to me.

And finally, and this is rather important to note, Jesus also said to his disciples in Matthew 24 that immediately after the Tribulation he would send out his angels to gather in the elect from the four winds. Undoubtedly, the Great Tribulation Jesus predicted in Matthew 24 came (70 A.D) and apparently ended in 1947 with the return of Israel to its homeland; yet, no physical gathering of the elect has occurred to date. The question now is, what does "immediately" equate to when compared to nearly 2,000 years?  Yes, that is a question yet to be answered, but I think the time of that answer is not far off -- not far off, indeed. So, go ahead. Click on the link below. Witness first hand how prophesy works in the perfect plan of God!

~~ Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Speaks of the Return of Israel ~~​​